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Cardiff SEO Meet’s 2019 Events – A Recap

Posted on08/12/2019

In 2019 we ran 5 meetup events at 10 Feet Tall in Cardiff.

Here’s a recap with video embeds of each of the talks (where available)…

Meet #11 – March 2019

Meet #11 was our first event of the year, and also the first event at 10 Feet Tall, in their upstairs room (currently known as the Big Top – but I believe they have plans to renovate it soon).

Siobhan Congreve & Michael Gearon of BrandContent gave a talk on voice search (their boss, Sharon, gave a talk about voice search – in relation to Google Home-style devices – at one of our events back in 2017).

Followed by Gus Pelogia of Wolfgang Digital, who travelled all the way from Dublin to be with us. His talk was about how SEO teams and PPC teams can work in harmony and help each other out to provide better search engine marketing results as a whole.

The site review was for Phoenix DAS, a South Wales-based domestic abuse support service.

Both videos of the talks below:

Meet #12 – May 2019

At Meet #12 we welcomed Surena Chande of (at the time) Verve Search and Pete Watson-Wailes of Tough & Competent to the stage, both of whom travelled over an hour to be with us (from London and Herefordshire, respectively).

Surena’s talk was all about outreach. As a former journalist who now works in outreach, she’s worked on both sides of the equation – and so her tips came from someone who has previously been pitched to as well as someone who now does the pitching.

Pete’s talk was about CX (Customer Experience), which is what Pete now offers consultancy on, via his company.

This time, the site review was for 10 Feet Tall. We had someone else lined up but they cancelled at the last minute, so 10 Feet Tall kindly stepped in to fill the gap.

Both videos of the talks below:

Meet #13 – July 2019

At Meet #13 we were joined by Louis Halton Davies of Web Marketer and Dom Hodgson of Little Warden.

Louis kindly stepped in at the last minute to cover another speaker we had lined up who had to cancel due to illness, so we’re incredibly grateful that he was able to jump in and speak at such short notice. As a graphic designer turned digital marketer, his talk explained how having a background in design resulted in ‘design-led thinking’ – and how that’s helped him on his digital marketing journey.

We were delighted to welcome Dom to the stage as well. I remember seeing Dom present at brightonSEO yeeears ago. He travelled all the way from Leeds to be with us (admittedly using us as a pit-stop to visit Denny’s in Swansea!) – his entertaining talk showed us what happened when he outsourced various digital marketing tasks on the cheap using Fiverr.

The site review took a look at Mila & Pheebs, a subscription box service containing craft supplies and materials for kids.

Both videos of the talks below:

Meet #14 – September 2019

At Meet #14 we saw talks from Faye Watt of (at the time) Edico Media and Neil Cocker of Ramp.

Faye gave us a comprehensive run-through of what you need to think about when redesigning/migrating your website, from start (planning and research) to finish (launch and post-launch). Side-note: Faye runs Bristol SEO Meetup, which we recommend going to if you can.

Neil’s talk ran us through a big email marketing campaign that his t-shirt company orchestrated – which led to impressive results (especially for an email marketing campaign)!

The site review was for DEFY Consultancy, a new marketing & branding consultancy by David Pell, who has a background in hospitality.

Unfortunately there was a problem with the videos and neither of them recorded properly, so we don’t have videos of either Faye’s or Neil’s talks. Sorry about that. Both Neil and Faye have done the same talk (or similar talks) at other events, so there’s a chance that there’s slide decks and/or videos of those talks out there instead.

Meet #15 – November 2019

And our last meetup of the year was Meet #15, which was held in mid-November.

Filling in for Stacey MacNaught, Christopher Czermak of MacNaught Digital got us thinking about link building tactics that naturally lend themselves to a long-term approach.

For his talk, Lee Woodman of Visit Digital told us how companies can ‘start right’ with SEO, with examples and case studies throughout.

The final site review of the year was for GSD Media UK, who’s our resident photographer and videographer.

Both videos of the talks below:

As always, we’d like to give a big thank you to our sponsors for supporting us and for covering the costs in running these events.

Don’t forget that on Tuesday 17th December we’re hosting a Xmas Social event in the upstairs of Tiny Rebel Cardiff (not 10 Feet Tall, FYI). Here’s the link to RSVP if you wanna come!

The January and March 2020 events haven’t been put on Meetup just yet, but if you’d like to put them in your diaries in the meantime, they’re going to be held on Thursday 30th January and Thursday 19th March.

Have a happy Christmas, a great New Year, and we’ll see you in 2020! ?