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Keeping In Touch Post-Meetup

Posted on13/03/2024

Screenshot of the email signup formIn an effort to keep ongoing costs down,* I’ve decided to close the Cardiff SEO Meet group on

On the off-chance I decide to relaunch Cardiff SEO Meet in the future, if you’d like to stay updated, there’s an email signup form where you can put in your email and – if Cardiff SEO Meet comes back – I’ll let you know.

Link to email signup form

Alternatively, you can stay updated via Twitter/X: @CardiffSEOMeet

* Meetup were charging me £200+ per year just to keep the group alive. 😵 Also, their customer service is terrible… It took nearly 3 weeks to sort out an issue whereby a message I sent out to all members – letting you know that I was closing the group – didn’t even reach everyone, during which point they deleted the entire group by accident, and during which I had to chase them through Twitter DMs in order to get replies to my support tickets. Awful, awful company. I can’t unrecommend them enough. If you’re starting a meetup and looking for something like Meetup, don’t use Meetup. (Sorry – rant over.) 🤣

Cheers all! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿