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Running Cardiff SEO Meet wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful sponsors, who cover the costs of each event’s food and the overall running costs associated with the meetup.

You can see a list of our current sponsors below:


Food Sponsors

Website Sponsor

Site Review Sponsor

Media Sponsor

Sponsorship perks include:

  • Your logo and links from this website and the Meetup group
  • Shout-outs on Twitter (@CardiffSEOMeet) before and after each event
  • A shout-out in the mailout that announces the site review sponsor, which goes to all Meetup group members, not just those who are attending (which is currently c. 800 strong)
  • Your logo on the venue’s screen – before and after the event it cycles through all the logos
  • A shout-out/thank you at each event itself, to the audience
  • If you’re the site review sponsor, and you’re an SEO software provider, we essentially demo your software to the audience during the site review, using it as our primary tool during the audit (more detailed info here)
  • Probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten to mention. Hugs, high-fives, my infinite love and appreciation, etc.

Want to become a sponsor? There’s limited places (e.g. there’s only four food sponsors slots and one site review sponsor allowed at any time), but feel free to get in touch to discuss options and to be alerted if/when a sponsorship place frees up.