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Meet #15

14/11/2019 18:15 10 Feet Tall


Our last meetup of 2019! 😥


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Live Site Review

As usual, we will be analysing and auditing a volunteered website live on the night! A few days beforehand we’ll announce who it is (via a Meetup mailout) so that you can research them beforehand if you like. SISTRIX is our site review sponsor, so we’ll be using their toolset to help us analyse the volunteered site and find some ‘quick wins’!

Free Food & Drink

Like last time, 10 Feet Tall will be providing us with some yummy buffet food, while there’ll also be a drink voucher for every attendee. If you have any dietary requirements beyond vegetarian then please let us know ASAP, ideally no later than the Monday beforehand at the latest. You can message us (via Meetup) or this site: contact us.

Exciting Meetup-related News

I’ll be making a big exciting announcement at the end of the event, with attendees of this event being some of the first to know what’s going on – and be given a head-start to get involved. So if you’re a big fan of coming to our events then you don’t want to miss out on this! (We’ll then announce the news publicly – to the rest of the wider world – the next day.)


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