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Meet #7

28/03/2018 18:30 Bierkeller


This is a rescheduling of the Thursday 1st March event that got snowed off. Please note that it’s on a Wednesday evening (rather than the usual Thursday evening). We decided to ‘reset’ RSVPs (instead of carrying them across) as inevitably some people may not be able to make the new date, so it made sense to start from scratch.

New Year, new venue! This is our first event at our new venue: Bierkeller’s Sports Bar (a.k.a. Shooters).

Live Site Review

As usual, we will be analysing and auditing a volunteered website live on the night!

Usually we’d say “we’ll announce who it is a few days before” but we’ve already announced who it was supposed to be (before the 1st March date got cancelled). It’s the same website that we announced in late Feb – so if you’re a member of the Meetup group then you should already have the link(s).

Bierkeller’s Sports Bar now only has an enormous main screen but also has small screens dotted around the bar, so hopefully it’ll be easier for the audience to follow what’s going on on-screen.

Food & Drink

Bierkeller are going to put on a buffet for us and are going to try and include gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. If you have any dietary requirements then please let me know (including those listed above, just in case we get a lot of requests for a certain type) – ideally by the Friday beforehand (23rd March) at the latest please. You should be able to message me via Meetup. We’re also hoping to sort out drink vouchers (one per attendee) – but at the very least, there should be some free food!

Link to Meetup page