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Meet #6

16/11/2017 18:30 Tramshed Tech


Following our hiatus in August, we’re back with two great talks – one about PR, one about content – and a live site review. Plus the usual food, drink and networking at our fab venue: Tramshed Tech.

Live site review

As usual, we will be analysing and auditing a volunteered website live on the night! We have our willing volunteer lined up – a few days beforehand we’ll announce who it is so that you can research them beforehand if you like. Should be good!

First the first time as well, we might be having a ‘guest chair’ leading this session. Once confirmed we’ll be sure to announce who it is, and – if it goes well – then we might have a guest chair lead all of these sessions going forward (possibly someone different every time, to keep things interesting).

Food & Drink!

A big thank you to everyone who filled out our food & drink survey a while back. This time we’re gonna keep it simple with a mahoosive pizza order, and I’ll try my best to cover as many dietary requirements as possible (gluten, vegetarian, etc.). If there’s any problems or if you have any particular requests then please don’t hesitate to ask – as a food intolerance sufferer myself, there’s nothing worse than going to an event with food and not being able to eat anything, so I completely understand. You should be able to message me through Meetup.

Beer, wine* and soft drinks will also be available.

* Given that the event coincides with Beaujolais Day, we’re thinking of getting a variety of wine especially. What do you think?

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